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Hello and thank you for visiting my shop!

My name is Donna. I am based in Regina, Saskatchewan located in the western Canadian prairies.

Do I pick my own sea glass?  Of course not!  But that doesn't mean that people like myself who do not live near the beach shouldn't enjoy using this beautiful and unique craft supply.

I do appreciate the many people from around the world that I have the pleasure of dealing with who do live near the sea for all their hard work in collecting, cleaning and shipping sea glass to me so that myself and others are able to create beautiful items with them. 

I have been in the online handmade jewelry and sea glass drilling business since 2010 with MYGENERALSHOP.  You may also find some of my jewelry on Amazon Handmade.

I have a passion for designing and creating sea glass jewelry, keychains and zipper pull charms and since I have to drill for my own creations, I am also happy to drill for my customers own do it yourself jewelry and craft designs as well. 

Sea glass is a favourite of mine mainly because each piece is so unique in shape, size and color. I love the both the pastels and the brighter colors and I really like the fact that these beautiful little gems have been made by nature. 

I do also enjoy working with freshwater pearls, gemstones, crystal beads, Bali beads and cat's eye beads so they also became part of my shop. 

Here, on my website I am able to provide drilling services to my customers for their own sea glass as well as having a selection of drilled real sea glass beads, charms, pendants and buttons for sale.