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Sea Glass Drilling Service

Top Drilled Charms and Pendants, Center Drilled Beads, Two Hole Buttons

If you live near the beach or go to the beach on vacation and are lucky enough to find your own sea glass, you may want some of those pieces drilled so that you can use them in jewelry making, sun catchers or other beach themed crafts.

Many people love to collect sea glass but don't love to drill it. Some of my customers prefer to have their own sea glass drilled as they have memories associated with a holiday or perhaps they have a large sea glass collection and want to create and sell their designs.  Maybe you have a few special pieces that you would like to use for yourself or for gift giving. 

I can drill pieces from about 1/4" (6.4mm) in size and up. Hole sizes are available from 1mm up to 3mm. They can be top drilled for tiny charms or larger pendants. They can be center drilled in all sizes as well as drilled with two holes for buttons or beads.

If you have something special in mind, I am alway open to suggestions.  

I will drill a small amount of pieces or a bulk amount of pieces. The more pieces you would like drilled, the better price I can give you. 

My customers ship me their sea glass pieces through the mail. You can sort them and bag them with the information as to how you would like them drilled (top drilled, center, two hole etc). If you have a bulk amount, I can if you wish, sort them and drill them according to size and shape. 

If you are interested, please leave me a message at the contact link below and we can discuss your special requirements as each individuals needs vary. I will then quote you a price. If you have a bulk order and you need your sea glass drilled for summer shows or markets, please contact me well in advance as we need to allow for drilling time as well as shipping time both ways. 

For more information, please contact me: